Alex "Boom"

Yogini 200 RYT |  Buti Yoga Instructor | Flexibility and Run Coach | Cupping Practitioner | Tarot Reader | Reiki Healer Level II | Special Education Adaptive Trainer | Nutrition Coach, Meditation and Healing Resource

Alexandra lives in Allen, TX with her fiance Aaron and their two kiddos, Charly and Corbin. She is a dog, chicken and plant mom and  a LoveJoyISD Special Education Guest Educator. 

Alex discovered yoga 6 years ago in the Aerial Arts. As an aerialist she spent time in the air playing on "silks" and "flying high" until an injury slowed her down and introduced her to Aerial Yoga.

Aerial Yoga quickly became refuge and Alexandra's Buti Yoga certification came soon after.

side note: Buti is a feminine energy focused modality full or plyometrics and dance... and it's AMAZING.

In early 2018 Alexandra traveled to India to study yoga further and completed her Teacher Training though an immersive and spiritual experience.

Back home in North Texas she is committed to mind, body, and spiritual wellness. 

After a decade in the medical sales field, operating room, and clinic; Alex left healthcare to focus on those specific parts of holistic wellness: mind, body, and spirit.

IG: @TheOilyChicken